Derivative Analysis Course

Equity Explorer derivative analysis course design for final step into trading. Derivatives module specially design for advance studies of Derivative Market , In this course we explore the advance tools of derivative Analysis which are able to maximize your profit in market. We also study how to develop advance strategies in derivative product as per our margin/portfolio.

Duration: 6 hours (2 hours * 3 sessions)

Fees: Rs.9000

Certificate: Equity Explorer’s Certification for derivative analysis course

derivative analysis course

Topics Cover is this Derivative analysis Course

  • Introduction to derivative Market
  • Future/option contract
  • Option pricing – spot price ,strike price, Volatility, Time to Expiration, Interest Rates etc.
  • Option Greeks(Delta, Theta,Gamma,Vega & Rho etc.)
  • Option Valuations
  • Black & Scholes model
  • Implied Volatility
  • Option Strategies
  • Hedging strategies
  • Basic idea of Arbitrage
  • Probability Analysis

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