Equity Explorer – Forex Day Trading Course India

Forex Day Trading Course India

Forex Day Trading Course India specially designed for day trader who want to make money consistently with confidence. Forex day trader is the trader who want to open and close their trade in same day, they do not want to hold any open position over night and want pleasant sleep over night. Day trader making money Everyday.

Duration : 3 months

Fees: Rs 5 Lakhs

So if you want to trade every day to make money than you are at The Right Place!  Join Forex Day Trading Course India Now.

Forex day trading course India

Main problem in day trading is that, amateur trader often do not use stop loss in there trading. At the end of the day they booked some small profit, and hold losing trade for next day hopping that the trade will work tomorrow. Next day trade do not work so hold that trade again for next day. After few days passed trade still holding so trader decided to hold that trade for investment. So now day trader has became an investor. Isn’t Right ! Join Forex Day Trading Course India to solved that problem .

At Equity Explorer we focused on small stop loss and proper money management. We teach you, how by using simple process you can make money every day without fear of stop loss. Our day trader use only 8-12 pip small stop loss for making 20-30 pip profit in every trade. So trading 2-3 hours every day with our trade plan, our day trader are able to booked 100-150 pip every day, without holding any open position over night with confidence and able to take pleasant sleep over night.

Equity Explorer day trading course India, we use only Price Action, what we are really talking about is the movement of price over a certain period of time. That time is defined by you, the trader. At Equity Explorer we look at price action in 15 minute increments or “candles“. As a day trader we’re much more interested in price movement only.

Equity Explorer day trading course India is not about Support/Resistance, Pin Bar, Insider Bar And Many other bullshit Candlesticks Patterns, which you find over the internet. It’s Also Not about Moving averages, RSI, Or any other Technical Indicators. It’s Simple, to the point trade planning and execution . We do not use previous day charts for analysis, We use only same day chart to execute the trade,” More Analysis Become Paralysis”. it’s so simple.

The first thing in my process involves having clean and ready to go trading charts for the next trading session.

Traders will often attend over-hyped, sales-pitch like trading webinars. They come into your email almost daily, and say, “Hey, attend this free webinar and find out how you can book profits! Find out how you can turn a $100 account into a million dollars.” That’s one of my personal favorites.

Yet across the world and across the globe traders are still losing money in trading. And along with that, they’re damaging themselves psychologically and maybe, probably, most likely, damaging their personal relationships.

So I want to give you just a couple – a few principles actually, not just a couple, but a few principles I use in my own life to stay consistently successful as a trader.

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