Technical Analysis Basic Course

Duration : 10 hours (2 hours * 5 sessions)

Fees : 10500

Certificate: Equity Explorer’s Certification for Technical Analysis basic course technical analysis basic course

Equity Explorer Technical analysis basic course design for 1st step into trading. so in technical analysis course basic module we teach you how stock, commodities, forex market work, and how we predict the future direction of price by using basic technical analysis tools .

Topics cover in this basic technical analysis course
  • what is technical analysis ?technical analysis Vs fundamental analysis
  • basic theories of technical analysis
  • Types of charts
  • type of treads
  • how to determine the trends
  • support resistance theory
  • how to use support resistance in our trading ?
  • Basic chart pattern to predict the future price direction
  • Basic indicators and oscillators, how to use them in our trading
  • Basic candlestick pattern to predict the possible reversal in price direction
  • Type of moving average and how to use them to make long term money
  • Dow theory and how to use it
  • Basic rules for risk management, how to determine stop loss, target, and exit.

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